That Was Fast! (Noah By Himself)

It’s crazy to think that Noah turned 1 on the 7th of this month. It seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital with the little guy and heading home wondering if we could do this. The last 12 months went by quite fast, faster than we thought it would. And yes, we were told that the days would fly by after having kids. Over the months we have had a multitude of thoughts, feelings, adventures, memories, and moments.

And the other day all of the above adjectives happened at once. Noah was crawling around the house following us as we cleaned up until he found himself alone in his room. We had walked out of the room, and it usually doesn’t take long for the little guy to start following us and at times whine for a hot second. But this time was different. I noticed a few minutes later that he was still in his room talking to himself and playing. I wanted to capture the moment so I grabbed my phone. Three minutes later he was still in there by himself playing with his blocks and pushing his little walker around. It then hit me like a ton of bricks.


There are times that we have just wanted him to play by himself. We’ve wanted a few minutes of rest from being followed around and needed. This is normal for every parent and I understand that. But for me this was the first time I was witnessing him in his room not looking for me or mom. To be honest, it had me tearing up. My mind jumped ahead 10+ years and pictured him with his door closed and not wanting me in there. But at that split second he turned around, smiled, and came as fast as he could toward us! It was the best feeling and exactly what I needed.


I was reminded by the little guy that we have quite a few years to go before he is not looking for me at every turn. But he also reminded me that he will be on his own one day. And when that day comes I want him to know two things:

  1. His mother and I did our very best to take care of him spiritually (displaying the gospel of Jesus), physically, and emotionally. That we loved him unconditionally and at the same time trained him up well.
  2. That he can run back to us at any point in his life. That if he needs to come home the door will always be open. We have that type of relationship with our parents and I want Noah to have that same confidence in us.

So as parents we are now past our first year of life with our little man. We have joked over the last year that our main goal was to keep him alive for one year. We have now accomplished that goal. Now it’s time to leave a legacy.



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