Day 2: Thoughtfulness = Starbucks Tea, Smores Frap, and a Movie

Today we embarked on Day 2 of our #31CreativeWays adventure 🚀 and it ended quite well. I headed in for work this morning (being Monday and all) after we had a great weekend as a family. We started up this whole website over the weekend with Saturday and Sunday off which made it much easier to really dive into it, write, and spend time together. I knew that today could prove a challenge heading back to work. Over the years I have learned something about myself. I get all fired up on the weekends and make lists of things I need to do. May be a list of chores to accomplish during the upcoming week. May be a list of days that I will run, cycle and workout each week to get back in shape. Or a list of books I want to read over the next three months. No matter the list, when Monday hits I tend to postpone that list for a few hours of Netflix instead. Today I didn’t do that. Today I chose to stay strong and take this #31CreativeWays adventure one day at a time.

What I Did:

Thoughtfulness was the key word for today’s challenge. So on the drive into work this morning I began thinking about how I could show Kir that I was thinking about her ahead of time and maybe surprise her with something. Before I landed on what it could be I wanted two things to be involved.

  1. What is something small or simple that she loves?
  2. What is something that we love to do together?

It didn’t take me long to decide on a Starbucks & Movie night out together after we put Noah down for bed.

Step one: I texted our neighbor to see if she would watch Noah for us after he went to bed. She said yes!

Step one done. ✔

Step two: Create something to creatively surprise her. So what did I do during my lunch break but find a photoshop mockup for a poster…

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

Step two done. ✔

Step three: Actually hold the surprise in until I got home and we sat down for dinner together. And the good news is I was able to keep my mouth shut until 6:45pm!

Step three done. ✔

So we laid Noah down for bed. Jumped in the Jeep with the top down and country music cranked and headed for Starbucks. Picked up our favorite beverages and head to see Star Trek Beyond!

What I Learned:

I learned that adding a little creativity and effort into this adventure today made it much more fun and exciting. Coffee and a movie is nothing new under the sun here. We have paired these two items together multiple times. But I’ve never taken the time to plan ahead like I did today. And the secret I learned today was that planning ahead and taking an hour lunch break to make something as simple as a movie invite poster and print it out for Kir had me thinking about her the whole time. It drove my excitement level and anticipation up throughout the day. I was excited to get home and surprise her. Excited to take her out on a date. Just the two of us. The top down on the Jeep. The stars out at night and the music cranked so we had to yell to hear each other while driving. I could see all that happening and it did! We had a great time tonight! We smiled. We laughed. We took selfies.We held hands walking to the theater. We kissed. And we talked all about how we loved the movie on the ride back home.

The date night was nothing crazy. We have a Starbucks reward on our card so the drinks were pratically free. I searched for a way to get free Fandango tickets online and found them. But what made the night great was being thoughtful. Taking the time to think about Kirsten all day in anticipation of surprising her with a mini poster and a babysitter.

And she loved it!



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